Summer is here!

Wow! We can really tell that it is June in St. Louis. The heat is on! Of course across the whole center of the country it has been steamy. Even though it is hot, many folks set out on trips to favorite rock hounding sites. 

Here is a site that has info for various locations.  for geode gallery, gem and geology news and facts  for the American Geode story

"American Geode are aficionados of Midwest minerals, fossils and geodes. The American Geode gem and mineral show news wire provides real-time geology and paleontology news, alongside gem, mineral, jewelry and fossil show announcements. A source of rockhounding tips, and check-lists to follow before each rockhounding trip, American Geode is a source for rockhounding vitals and essentials. We are a source of geodes, minerals, gems, and fossils for collectors, academics in geology and paleontology, museums, and even interior design professionals."

Here is another resource for places to go


This is a comprehensive list of the entire US.  Thank you Association of Missouri Geologists

And another interesting page with links to other geologic info in the State of Missouri      The Geology of Missouri

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