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The Rock Hobby Club of Greater Saint Louis formed in 1960 and was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in the State of Missouri in 1973 as a educational and social group of dealers of Earth Science Hobby Materials. The club sponsors an annual show in March each year.

As an organization we seek to acquire and disseminate knowledge of the earth sciences, rocks, minerals, fossils and lapidary.

Winter is here! Brrr! 

Yes, every year it rolls around, winter. We are all cold and looking forward to spring. One good thing to remember is that spring brings rock shows. Here in St. Louis, the Greater St. Louis Rock Hobby Club has our Annual Gem, Mineral, Fossil and Jewelry Show.  Get it on your calendar. It will be great! 

Summer is here! 

Wow! We can really tell that it is June in St. Louis. The heat is on! Of course across the whole center of the country it has been steamy. Even though it is hot, many folks set out on trips to favorite rock hounding sites. 

Here is a site that has info for various locations. 

www.americangeode.com  for geode gallery, gem and geology news and facts 
http://www.americangeode.com/ourstory.php  for the American Geode story

"American Geode are aficionados of Midwest minerals, fossils and geodes. The American Geode gem and mineral show news wire provides real-time geology and paleontology news, alongside gem, mineral, jewelry and fossil show announcements. A source of rockhounding tips, and check-lists to follow before each rockhounding trip, American Geode is a source for rockhounding vitals and essentials. We are a source of geodes, minerals, gems, and fossils for collectors, academics in geology and paleontology, museums, and even interior design professionals."

Here is another resource for places to go

1    http://www.missourigeologists.org/BobBeste'sMineralLocationGuide/Min%20Loc1_2014.pdf 
2    http://www.missourigeologists.org/BobBeste'sMineralLocationGuide/Min%20Loc2_2014.pdf 
3    http://www.missourigeologists.org/BobBeste'sMineralLocationGuide/Min%20Loc3_2014.pdf 
4    http://www.missourigeologists.org/BobBeste'sMineralLocationGuide/Min%20Loc4_2014.pdf 

This is a comprehensive list of the entire US.  Thank you Association of Missouri Geologists

And another interesting page with links to other geologic info in the State of Missouri      The Geology of Missouri

Show is over for 2016 

What a great show!!! All the vendors and organizers of the show appreciate the wonderful attendance. Congratulations to the lucky winner of the lovely Grand Prize. She was tickled. Sorry you couldn't all be winners. 

Rest assured, as I get information on future mineral centered events, that I will post the info here. One of our goals is to spread the wonderful rock and mineral hobby. We love rocks! Rocks Rule!

Be sure to follow our FaceBook page. There is a link to follow on all of these pages. Have a great Spring.

Grand Prize for Attendance for 2016 show!!!! 

If this isn't gorgeous, what is?  Grand Prize indeed! This Amethyst is a 26 pound beauty that measures 14" x 10" x 5". Note quarter for scale. To have a chance to win, come to the show and fill out a registration slip. You have to be here to put your name in to be eligible for the drawing. The rest of the show is great too. Don't miss this! 

The show is just around the corner! 

Well, we are under two weeks away from the awesome Gem, Mineral, Fossil and Jewelry Show! So close.

Wait till you see the wonderful Grand Prize for Attendance!!! You will LOVE IT! You will WANT IT! You will have to come to have your name in the drawing. The winner will get weak in the knees!  I will post a picture as soon as I have it. We have other door prizes throughout the weekend. You do not need to be present to win. 

Be sure to sign up on our mailing list. We will occasionally send out announcements regarding various gem and mineral shows coming up in the greater area. We will not email excessively. Promise. 

This is a new site for the Rock Hobby Club. We want it to be your go to site for info in the local area. We plan to have features about our members and vendors so you can get to know the folks who haul rocks for you to have in your collections. We will have a resource page that will have a list of folks willing to help with your needs for lapidary, smithing and other related services. This page is under construction at this time. We may have a classifieds page in time. Time will tell. See you at the show!

Tucson Gem Show 

Here I am back in Missouri. But lots our great vendors are out at the Tuscon Gem Shows. Can't you just imagine what cool new things they will be bring back for us for our show in Late March? Love those rocks, minerals, fossils, jewelry and beads! Come see them March 25 - 27, 2016.

Spring is around the corner and so is the show! 

The St. Louis Rock Hobby Club has had a spring rock and gem show for many years. We are a small club whose purpose is to organize and present this very cool show to the community in the spring time of the year. 

This years show is on the horizon. Put it on your calendars. March 25, 26, & 27, 2016.

Lots of excellent vendors to delight and educate you. 

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